Hesitation Archive

Hesitation Archive

1998 -

     My measure here is the moment between two photographs being taken of the same subject.  A portrait photographer makes aesthetic decisions or relies on the sitter's instructions to make a staged or idealized image. In the end we are never certain of whose choice it was. In everyday photography it is only happenstance. From one head shot with glasses to another without, in a formal studio setting representation is a shared responsibility that must take place in a few short minutes.


    The original glass plate negatives are European and date between the 1880's and 1945. Each of them is a duplicate made in the trial and error process. The cyanotype process that I have used was invented in 1842 by John Herschel who also is responsible for the word "photography".


     Cyanotypes were also used as a copying technology for creating industrial catalogues and architectural blue prints.These later uses echo my interests in working with the index or archive as an aesthetic pursuit.