Castaways 2017

These works are based on my interest in the inherent past located in consumer society paper debris and our habits of disgarding It after use. The original materials are drawn from my collections and from local archives.

One of our interactions with paper waste is the habit of semi-concious re-figuration. It tests its material strengths while at the same time we conduct a conversation or other primary activity. One might well be on a cellphone while distorting a government leaflet. The outcome of this type of assembly is desktop sculpture or miniature monumentalizing of something worthless into a brief fetish.

I have worked backwards to locate each element's position chronologically based on the age of the paper. This is also where the primary titles come from.Each year dates one component of found paper. The reference title is secondary.To provide photographic memory, I created a series of faux maquettes for the sculptures that were assembled after the metal sculptures had been completed. The photographs attempt to position the detritus in time but the crushed and twisted subjects defy so literal a distinction.

1978 (Horseplay) 19" x 26" x 15"

Polychromed aluminum 2017

1962 (Coaster) 39.5" x 31" x 8"

Polychromed aluminum and copper 2017

1943, 1950, 1952 (Hippies)

10.5" x 21" x 16" Polychromed aluminum 2017

1966 (Loose Leaf / Canary) 6.5" x 25.75" x 2.75"

Polychromed copper and aluminum 2017